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DJ/ Mashup Artist since 2011. Hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Specializes in Electro, Dubstep, Trap, Hip/Hop, and Rap. Loves to dabble in any kind of genre, as long as it sounds good to the ear.


Has covered everything from corporate events to clubs; from domestic gigs to internationals parties. He has interviewed Leah Culver, Wick-It-the-Instigator, ATLiens, and many more. 


He has wrote reviews for Sweetwater 420 , Lollapalooza, Imagine Music Festival and more. WIth his live stream breaking out for 2017, he is looking forward to collaberating with a lot of new and upcoming artists this year.

Last year, he broke 90,000 minutes watched and over 6,000 views captured, on one platform only. He plans to double that this year!


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